High Jump Technique

high jump technique

High Jump Technique Tips

Watching individuals do the high jump seems like it would be a piece of cake.

It’s actually one of the hardest things that athletes have to do. It takes a lot of balance and perfection in order to clear the bar.

One must have the perfect high jump technique in order to make it all work. There are may tips out there in order to get the best technique available to help individuals succeed.

The first thing that an individual must learn is how to start off their run. This is really important to know how many steps are needed and how to take those steps. This approach is going to be slightly different for those that are left handed compared to those that are right handed.

They say it is 10 steps that are needed to be taken in order to get the high jump technique correct. There may be marks on the track that the high jumper are going to want to hit as perfectly as they can. The first five steps are going to be taken in a straight line while the last five steps are going to be taken along an arc that curves.

The best thing for them to do is to practice their running and make sure that they are able to concentrate on each step that is being taken. Each one is very important and has a proper way that it needs to be done. For example, the last two steps their feet need to be completely flat on the ground. Also, once the high jumper has got their running technique down is when they will need to start working on their jump.

Being able to clear the bar completely is the way the high jumper is going to succeed in getting the most points in the competition. Once the running has been figured out to perfection then the high jumper is ready to start practicing their jump. They do not need to aim for the middle of the bar when they jump, for their body is going to move them to the middle of the bar while they are in the air.

The center of the bar is actually the lowest point and the best way to clear it. When they jump they are going to keep their chin as close to their chest as possible and look down at the bar. The high jumper technique is going to focus on jumping off with the correct leg, look down at the bar, chin to their chest, and maintain their body to lean away from the bar.

This is a vertical jump so while in the air the jumper needs to have full control of their body in order to clear the bar. This takes a lot of time and patience but once it has been accomplished the jumper can succeed and continue to get better at high jumping.

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