How to Jump Higher

Anyone involved with athletics realizes jumping is a major part of many games. Basketball and track hurdling would be two sports where jumping plays a major role. Jumping does find its way in scores of other sports and athletic contests as well. A baseball player who hits a line drive has to do a very quick and slight jump to start on the path towards running to first base.

So, no matter what sport you are involved in, you want to be able to jump with speed, power, and explosion. Among the ways to achieve such results would be to learn how to jump higher. Some may have to do this for their actual performance in a particular sporting match and other simple should boost their jumping abilities because it will make their legs and lower body strength more powerful.

Either way, steps do have to be taken to increase the ability to jump. Developing this skill might not be as difficult as young athletes may think. However, achieving such results will require quite a bit of serious effort and commitment.

Here Are Some Tips

Jumping exercises are a must. A simple chair jump where you jump from the ground with booth feet onto a (stable and solid) chair for a set number of reps is a good idea. You may wish to start out small and only jump up onto a step on a stair case. In time, as your leg strength builds, you can add greater height.

For those jumping up on the stairs, jumping onto three steps in a row, one after the other, and then jumping backwards down the three steps add a little extra intensity.

Cones are worth jumping over. Actually, you can do more than just jump over them. Jumping over, jumping horizontally, and jumping diagonally, and zig zag jumping are all means in which better jumps can be gained.

As for actually how jump higher with these exercises, there does need to be a goal of increasing height. Box jumps may be one way to do this. Starting out by jumping up on a box that is one foot in height and eventually being able to reach a box that is four feet in height would show clear and obvious progress.

Do not rush things though, you do have work up to the desired level. Also, you need the necessary strength and endurance in the legs to achieve such a result which is why all the exercises are so important.

How to jump higher also involves building up strength in the lower body. Lifting weights for lower body exercises would contribute greatly to this result. Barbell or dumbbell squats, leg extensions, calf raises, hack squats with a barbell, and leg raises with a cable would all contribute nicely to building up that much sought after leg strength.

Body weight squats are also critical exercises to perform when you want to be a jumper. These squats boost strength a little and greatly enhance and boost muscular endurance. Hence, their value can never be underestimated.

Do not try to work on your jumping each and every day. The chances of injury and burnout will increase if you are try to perform jumping exercises each and every day. Your training routine really should only involve three to four days a week. That would be more than enough time to experience positive gains and improvements in your jumps.

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